Our Mission

The United Benefice of Haxby and Wigginton

The Parishes of St Mary Haxby and St Nicholas Wigginton

Stepping out … with God

We believe in a God who loves every one of us.

We believe in Jesus who shows us how to put God’s love into action.

We believe the Holy Spirit is active and working in the world to make this happen.

We are Christians …

Stepping out … with each other

We aim to be a warm, welcoming and faithful community.

who support, encourage and strengthen one another in our faith in Christ.

We enjoy many shared activities including eating, praying, studying,

worshipping and having fun together.

Stepping out … with our local community and wider world

We aim to work in partnership within our local community.

To reach out in service and example to share God’s love.

To work locally and globally for peace and justice.

It’s about loving our neighbours as ourselves.