Healing and Pastoral Support

There has been a healing ministry in our churches for many years now. This involves praying for the sick and anyone else in need. There are regular healing services every two weeks in the Benefice.   These are at St. Nicholas' Wigginton on the second Saturday of every month, and at St. Mary's Haxby on Sundays at the end of the month; check the calendar for more details. Some people come along to these services to have personal prayer said for themselves or someone near to them. The prayers are accompanied by the ministers laying hands on the person coming forward. Sometimes, we are requested to visit people to pray with them in their own home, in the hospital or the hospice.

Image of hands held up in prayer, surrounded by lights

Closely linked to the healing ministry is our pastoral care. This means that a member of our team will keep contact with anyone who is sick or otherwise in need. The initial contact is usually by telephone and at that time the services of the church are offered. This may be inclusion on the published prayer list, Home Communion, the Laying on of Hands and/or anointing for healing. Regular visits are made to those who request them.

It is not necessary to be a member of the church family to receive pastoral care from the church. Anyone who lives in our two parishes can contact us for help.

If ever you would like prayers to be said in church for you or someone close to you, please contact any of the clergy or Neil Moran tel. 01904 768687.

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