Sacred Spaces

This folder contains a series of articles which have been contributed during 2018 by members of the congregation about 'Sacred Spaces'.   We hope you find their contributions both interesting and inspiring.

1. What is a Sacred Space?
An introduction to our Sacred Spaces series

2. Bradwell
A pilgrimage to Bradwell, Essex

3: Oberammergau
Reflections on a visit to Oberammergau

4. 'Go up to Jerusalem'
The experience of visiting Jerusalem

5. The 'Ninian Triangle'
Sacred spaces near the Isle of Whithorn

6. Water and the sea
An exploration of the sacredness of water and sea.

7. Santiago de Compostela
A Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

8. Walsingham
Pilgrimages to Walsingham

9. Finding space within
An exploration of finding space within, and the religious life.

10. The Chapel at Nether Springs
Visiting the mother house of the Northumbria Community