Care and Prayer

Care and Prayer in the Benefice

In the strength of Christ we seek to reach out and offer care and support to those in need.  Visiting the housebound and isolated is one of our priorities.  We have pastoral support and healing teams who seek to bring the God's love wherever we can.  Just as God loved us, so we try to love one another.

We are aware that the coronavirus pandemic is having a signifcant impact on our lives and communities, especially where people are not able to come to church, are needing to 'self-isolate', or are left feeling anxious.

At a time like this, it's more important than ever that we draw on our strength as a benefice and do what we can to support one another whether by telephone, social media or text.

We will try to update the website regularly with prayers and resources so that we can continue to take part in worship from home.

Our Pastoral Support Teams will do what they can to support you, and if you have any particular concerns do please contact us.

For many of us it will feel strange being unable to join one another in collective worship.   

One of the real challenges of 'social distancing' or self-isolation is that we can easily lose contact with one another and feel lonely: there may, perhaps, be someone in the congregation whom you would like to pray for, or contact.

All of us could be susceptible to this virus, have our own health issues or need to self-isolate to protect others who are vulnerable; we will need to take care about pastoral visiting, so please understand that there may be circumstances where support will need to be given by telephone, e-mail or social media rather than a personal visit.

We are already aware of a number of ways in which families, friends and neighbours are already helping others: thank you to you all for everything you are doing.

God bless you all.






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