St Mary's Notices


Wednesday 16th August

  10.00 am Eucharist at St Mary’s (President: Rev’d Kathryn Jackson)



1.  The PCC urgently needs a secretary, as Ian Strong is retiring from the role.  The duties involve taking minutes at PCC meetings, distributing them by e mail, collating the minutes of the various committees and sending them out prior to meetings.  Also letters need writing and sending on behalf of the PCC from time to time.  We do hope someone from the congregation will feel able to take this on.  If you know of someone or are interested yourself, please talk to Jane Ashby or Wendy Fogerty who will be able to give you more details.

2.  The work on the church hall floor has now finished and, as you will see, it is looking really good.  To keep it like this for as long as possible, please could you make sure that if you are moving furniture, or anything else, across the hall, that you lift it and don’t drag it so the floor is not damaged.  If you can’t lift, ask for help from someone who can.  Thank you very much.

3.  The fourth of our sermon series, “Being Disciples, Essentials of the Christian Life”, will be given by Ian Evans next Sunday (20th August) at 9.30 am at St Nicholas and at 6.30 pm at St Mary’s.  The title is “Changing the Landscape”.

4.  We will be beginning a new 6 week course on 'The Commandments', on Thursday 5th October 2017 at St Nicholas Church, Wigginton.  The sessions will last from 7.30pm - 9pm.  This course is part of the Pilgrim series, centrally produced by the Church of England, with an accompanying booklet.  Our last Pilgrim Course was on The Lord's Prayer.  Please sign the sheet at the entrance to the church if you would like to come along.  One of the course booklets is available to see, and it would be possible to follow the course via the booklet if you are unable to come every week.


NEXT SUNDAY: Tenth Sunday after Trinity


Readings:     1st Reading: Genesis 45, 1 - 15

    2nd Reading: Romans 11, 1–2a; 29-32

                       Gospel: Matthew 15, 21 - 28


                     8.00 am Holy Communion (Said)

                                   President: Rev’d Kathryn Jackson

                     10.15 am  Eucharist for all Ages

                  President: Rev’d Kathryn Jackson

    6.30 pm Evensong