Talkabout is our in-house church magazine, published monthly. We'll be including some of the articles here for interest and reference.

So if you want something to think about, contemplate or pray about - or of course to talk about then here are a few ideas.

Talkabout is over 10 years old and still going strong! Talkabout is more than a church magazine; it challenges and informs, causes controversy and, most of all, it makes us think and hopefully talk about things (the clue is in the name). Well done to the editing team (pictured).


November 2016. God’s Blueprint for success
November 2016 Talkabout article

October - 2016. Shiphrah and Puah
October 2016 Talkabout article

September 2016. Mary, mother of Jesus
September 2016 Talkabout article

August - 2016. Martha
August 2016 Talkabout article

July - 2016. Unnamed; taken in adultery
July 2016 Talkabout article

June - 2016. Anna, daughter of Phanuel
June 2016 Talkabout Article

May 2016 - The First Christian in Europe
May 2016 Talkabout article

April 2016 - Naomi
Talkabout April 2016 article

March 2016 Mary Magdalene
March 2016 Talkabout Article

February 2016 - The woman at the well
The Woman at The Well